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Update —  In their sickness they do this — see bottom of page.


By: Hal Turner

May 1, 2002 -- For years, we in America have supported Israel both financially and militarily because we perceived they were the innocent victims of hostile and violent neighbors.  The US media has, for years, provided extensive coverage of every incident involving Arab-against-Israeli violence.  From shootings, to car bombs to suicide bombers, we in America have seen it all.  Or have we?

Why would rational human beings, given a choice, choose to attack their neighbors rather than live together in peace?  More pertinent, why would a rational human being choose to blow himself up rather than live?  The Israelis, the US media and our politicians would have us believe that the Arabs are simply not rational.  They routinely tell us that Arabs are "religious fanatics" who "hate freedom" or "hate our way of life" to quote George W. Bush.  These arguments are fallacious and intellectually bankrupt.

The reason for Arab against Israeli violence is simple: The Israelis have been systematically repressing and brutalizing hundreds of thousands of Arabs on a scale unparalleled since World War 2.   I have the proof.

Below are photographs of the victims of Israeli violence.  They depict brutal, violent death, horrific personal injury and devastation of property which is simply unfathomable.  ALL of it was perpetrated by Israelis against Arabs.  ALL of the victims are civilians.

As you view these pictures ask yourself this question: What would YOU or YOUR LOVED ONES do in retaliation for these things?






They kill mothers with their babies

They maimed young children

They burn toddlers to death

They burn youngsters

They shoot for the head

Even head shots on children

And more children


Jewish settlers threw a molotov cocktail at this child.

This is what she looked like after "reparative surgery"

Fathers lose their sons

Sons lose their hands

Some almost lose their lives

Young girls are disfigured

Never to marry. . . .

Other children are buried alive in rubble

Burned to death in his home

Shot dead sitting on the street

Buried in rubble

They attack refugees in their sleep; with machine guns

Rocket attacks burn others to death in their homes

Helicopter gunships destroy homes

Jewish settlers abduct Palestinians and beat them
to death.

The settlers showed no mercy: skinning the man alive on his back. . . .

and his legs

THey gun down unarmed civilians in the street

They burn down Palestinian homes

They send whole families fleeing

They brutally arrest little children

They shoot older children who dare protest

They drag pre-teens to arrest

The young throw stones

While Israelis break bones

The message from Jews is clear

And so are the results:
Mom shot dead in front of child

They die in the night

They die in the day

They are gassed in their houses of Worship

Their Olive Orchards are bulldozed.

Their homes are wrecked

Even the Holiest site of Christians, the Church of The Nativity, where
Jesus was born, is not spared by the Israelis!

They are set-up for death on the street

They surrender and cooperate. . . .

They submit totally

Get publicly stripped to their underwear. . . .

Then get shot in the head in cold blood.

But it is called "fighting terror."

Young girls, shot dead.

A father and son caught in a cross fire

The father pleads "Don't shoot" while the terrified son hides.

Father tries to shield his son and look for escape. . .

But the brutal Israelis open fire. . . .

The son is dead in his fathers lap;
the father is critically wounded

Refugee camps are not safe haven

They kill Arab men. . . .

They kill Arab women. . .

They literally blow the heads off Arab babies.
(Soldier hands decapitated baby to rescuer.)

They use smoke machines to hide their activities from the media

They use tanks on public buildings

They bulldoze private houses

Children playing with toys are burned to death.

They hit people with heavy artillery

Frail old men are not spared

Bulldozers rip their bodies apart

Others are burned almost to death.

Peaceful protesters are Gassed

They even piss on Palestinian buildings!

They threaten Catholic Priests with tanks

They use stun grenades on unarmed people

They use tear gas on people merely walking the streets.

And they terrorize even young Arabs by aiming assault weapons at them.

All of this brutality;  all of this violence; all of these atrocities; have been committed by ISRAEL.  And they did it with OUR AMERICAN WEAPONS AND OUR TAX MONEY!  

All those military rifles: American made M-16's
All the helicopter gun ships: American Apaches & Cobras
All the fighter jets: American F-15's and F-16's

Between outright "aid", military assistance, and loan guarantees, we American taxpayers give Israel between $3 and $6 Billion every year.   They use our "aid" to wage this warfare on Arabs.  

Is there any wonder why the Arabs fight back?  Is there any wonder why Arabs have begun attacking the US itself?

If YOUR family had been brutalized in these ways, would YOU fight back?  By fighting back, would YOU be called a "terrorist?"

Copyright 2002, Hal Turner

Permission to re-print and re-distribute is granted on condition of attribution as below:
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9 year-old daughter weeps for father

Shot dead for being in the way

Hadija Assaliyah, 9, weeps as she watches her father Wafi Assaliyah's body leave the family home during his funeral in the Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2004.

Wafi Assaliyah, a civilian, was killed by an Israeli army tank shell during an operation in the camp Monday.

Removal have been completed of the Gaza settlements.

Removal for demographic reasons: the Israelis afraid that if they remained they would at some point have to give Palestinians a vote as Gaza being a part of a Greater Israel.

On the West Bank settlements have crept onto Palestinian land with the tacit approval of Washington. The US government (and its taxpayer) has not ceased in any way to provide the yearly funding which allows these UN decreed and World Court decreed illegal settlements to grow.

Settlements continue to be developed on the borders of the West Bank, dividing the Palestinian lands into Bantustans, similar to that proposed by the former white supremacist South African government.

Taking Palestinian peoples land has reached a situation where the West Bank settlers openly go and destroy ancient farmed olive trees in the hope of driving the local Palestinian people away.

The Wall enclosure — taking even more former owned Palestinian land — now reaches out to surround each of the West Bank larger settlements.

US taxpayer money is not specifically set for the wall project, nor allocated for the extensive military operations that go along with securing the project, but US money is channeled through.   The vast army that Israel now has — and the horrendous, vast project of building the wall — would not even have been considered as in any way feasible without the billions of dollars annually given to Israel by the US government.

It is the largess of the billions of dollars given that allows the Israeli government to not only support the West Bank settlements on Palestinian land, but, with the armaments given to them by the US government, to rain US missiles down upon the Palistinians when they protest.

Israel has no incentive, other then the loss of a few lives here and there, which observation to its practices must concede that it seems to feel acceptable, to even consider a peace settlement with the Palestinian people that does not deprive the Palestinian people of their remaining land, or their right to an East Jerusalem.

13 year-old daughter shot dead on way to school

Shot dead for wandering astray

Loved ones of 13 year-old Palestinian girl Iman Al Hams, mourn over her body at the family house during her funeral in Rafah refugee camp, southern of Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Oct 5. 2004.

Iman was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers, according to local and army sources, when she wandered from her normal path to school.

Israel's wish has always been to remove the people of Palestine from their land.   As a nation it wishes to expand its territory so that it might welcome more Hebrew descended peoples from around the world — at the expense of the residing Palestinian people.

To achieve this desire in present day terms, it has to take as much land from the Palestinian people as the world will allow, before it is forced to settle on a border.   (Before some future US government, through its own budgetary woes, or through some enlightening of the people, cuts off the largess of funds.)

While the Palestinian people are increasingly hearded into ever smaller areas, border issues remain of paramount importance.  

Israel recognises that its pretense at democracy — one-sided in that Palestinians presently living in Israel are treated as second-class unwanted people — nevertheless will force the government, either by its own people, or by the world, to give a vote to all those that remain within its de facto borders.   Therefore we have this ignominy of the created Bantustans.

The idea is unthinkable in the present racist atmosphere of those ruling Israel that a Prime Minister might someday be a Palestinian semite, rather than a Hebrew semite.

It is the largess of US money from the US taxpayser that allows the present Israel government to continue with its racist policies.

Girl and six month old brother shot while sleeping in home

Israeli tanks shelled people in houses

A Palestinian girl helps to carry her six-month-old brother, who were both wounded after an Israeli tank fired a shell while they were sleeping in their Beit Lahiya home, north of Gaza Strip, October 6, 2004.

Israeli tanks shelled the town in the northern Gaza Strip early on Wednesday, killing three Palestinians and wounding 10 children in their houses, witnesses and medics said.

In their sickness they do this

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For archives, these articles are being stored on website.
The purpose is to advance understandings of environmental, political,
human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues.